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June 16, 2023

What the Hell is Mental?

Unleash Your Mental Power: A Revolutionary Approach to Tackling Stress and Strengthening Your Mindset.

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The Mental Team

Mental is an app that is unlike any other in the realm of mental health and performance. It's about taking action, using the same tools that pro athletes, Navy SEALs, and leading entrepreneurs rely on. This app is designed for everyday life, tailored for dads, sons, husbands, and even pickle ballers like you and me. Let's dive into the details.

How is this app different from other mental health apps?

Unlike many mental health apps that focus on meditation or sitting and talking, this app takes a different approach. It's all about action. We provide you with the tools to tackle life head-on, just like the pros. The techniques used by elite performers are made accessible and applicable to your everyday challenges.

What challenges can this app help me solve?

We understand that life can throw all sorts of stress your way. Whether it's work-related, financial, family, relationships, or even the frustration of dealing with that annoying person during your daily commute, this app has got your back. We offer protocols, frameworks, and personalized coaching to help you effectively manage any stress that winds you up. We can also help you achieve your goals. And if you're in need of a quick laugh or chuckle, we've got "mental-tainment" for that too!

How is this different from meditation or therapy?

Let's break it down. Firstly, the average cost of an hour of therapy is a hefty $150. This app? It's an affordable $0.10 per day. Second, our tools are action-oriented and a lot more engaging than traditional meditation practices. 

We understand that men thrive on challenges, and our app is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, with tools that can be immediately applied to the stressors of everyday life. It's important to note that we don't knock meditation or therapy; they are great tools. 

However, this app takes it a step further, challenging you to unlock your true potential and live with purpose. Plus, let's be honest, meditation apps don't swear like we do!

How quickly can I expect improvements in mindset and stress levels?

Here's the exciting part. Most guys feel an immediate boost in energy and a reduction in stress after just their first cold shower. It's an invigorating experience that kick-starts your transformation. In fact, over 90% of men who embark on our cold shower protocol complete both levels due to the noticeable improvements in mindset and stress levels. 

Others find their "click" through a powerful mental tool, a key takeaway from our Daily Deuce, or even a nugget of coaching wisdom from legendary figures like Bruce Lee or Marcus Aurelius. Remember, it's a journey, so take it one Daily Deuce at a time.

What is the science behind this app's approach and how has it been validated?

Rest assured, this app's approach is grounded in evidence-based tools and the latest scientific research. We've got a team of brilliant scientists and clinicians behind the scenes. 

Our in-house men's mental health expert, Matt Englar-Carlson, holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, and CEO, Anson Whitmer, has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience.

We stay up-to-date with the latest studies and leverage them to create innovative and personalized ways to help you take action, control stress, and elevate your life to the next level.


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