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How men strengthen their mindset

Action oriented tools to control stress, achieve discipline, and find purpose.

Evidence-based tools

The Daily Deuce
A two-minute masterclass with a tactical takeaway, 365 days of the year
Cold Shower Protocol
Beat stress and unlock mental clarity with tools used by Navy SEALs
AI Coaching
Evidence-based, clinical AI coaching to plow through road blocks at a fraction of the cost
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Cornerback, Stanford U.

"The Mental app has been a game-changer for me. It provides me with the tools I need to overcome challenges, stay focused, and take care of my mental well-being."


Saint Louis, 31

"Love the range of daily topics and tools mixed with a great dose of humor. Finally a mental health app that speaks my language and keeps my stress in check.”


Charleston, 24

"The tools from Mental's cold shower protocol were easy to learn and practical. It made me love cold showers so much, that I broke my shower handle when turning to cold! And, I'm fine with it."

Built for guys who...

Dig Andrew Huberman but don’t have 47 hours for podcasts
Want to live a long and healthy life, like Chris Hemsworth in "Limitless"
Want to do cold showers but need some direction
Want to train their mind so that they're resilient to stress
Want to find purpose and reason to jump out of bed
Want discipline to be entertaining, not just David Goggins yelling at them

Fits seamlessly into your daily routines

Swap the morning doom-scroll during your daily deuce.
To keep you learning.
Train your mind under stress with guided cold showers.
To keep you training.
Reflect and solidify your daily intention to seize the day.
To keep you achieving.
"This turned me into a badass."
– Every dude who ever used Mental... ever

Cold Shower Protocol

Taught by Master Chief Navy SEAL Stephen Drum, our Cold Shower Protocol is a training program that teaches mental tools under stress, so they kick-in automatically under actual times of stress.
Build the habit
New to cold showers and need direction
  • Learn mental tools needed to conquer the cold
  • Develop the mindset to defeat stress and discomfort in everyday life
  • Motivational stories and a healthy amount of F-bombs
Keep the habit
Keep conquering the cold and level up
  • Track your weekly time under the cold to achieve maximum results
  • Train with more advanced tools to achieve mental clarity under stress
  • More cold, more motivation, still a healthy amount of F-bombs
"This shit works."
– Anson Whitmer, Stanford University, Ph.D. Neuroscience

"Not just saying that because I'm the CEO of Mental."
– Anson Whitmer, CEO of Mental

Founder's story

Co-founder, CEO
When I was young, two close male relatives of mine killed themselves.

This experience drove me to pursue my PhD in Neuroscience, and to build the Calm app. I've seen first-hand how our cultural conversation around mental health is not resonating with men. It's not geared towards men. Men commit 80% of suicides, so to solve this crisis, we must innovate on new ways to help men.

I founded Mental because I care deeply about helping men realize their full potential, using science-based and action-oriented tools. The tools we use at Mental are beneficial not just when you're down, but also when you're already excelling and looking to find your edge.

Out of all the 20,000+ mental health apps out there, Mental is the first one designed from the ground up with men's needs in mind.

We built it for you. Meet the Mental team.
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