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August 14, 2023

Cold Shower Meetings Fully Clothed The Next Big Thing?

We've invented a whole new kind of business meeting: a spin-off of our guided Cold Shower Protocol. And we think it could really catch on

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The Mental Team

• “They sharpen your focus and keep meetings short" 

• Mental invents new kind of business meeting – natural spin-off or our guided Cold Shower Protocol 

• “We tried it as something different – and liked it more than expected"

Mental, the new mental health app for men, is the first app to offer users a guided Cold Shower Protocol for  strengthening their mindset – and now also the first to start its own team meetings with a cold shower, fully clothed.

"One of our guys at our company off-site was snoozing in a meeting,” says Anson Whitmer, Mental’s CEO. “So we tried something different. Not only did it wake him up, he gave us his best ideas to date.

"And so we all tried it – and liked it more than expected."

Whitmer and his co-founder Tyler Shaeffer now also take some founder meetings the same way. “Meetings suck,” says Whitmer. “They’re long, they’re boring. Cold shower meetings sharpen our focus,” says Whitmer.

Mental gives men simple, practical, evidenced-based and action-orientated tools to help them beat stress, build discipline and find purpose. These tools include the world’s first GUIDED cold shower protocol.  

“We use cold water as our training environment,” says Whitmer. “We help you ramp up good stress, via a cold shower, and then train you in the tools that help you dial down bad stress on command in your daily life.”  

The proven physiological benefits of cold water alone are just a bonus of Mental’s shower protocol. “The mental training under controlled stress is the real benefit,” says Whitmer.  

Delivering Mental’s Cold Shower Protocol is Stephen Drum, co-creator of the Navy’s Warrior Toughness Program and retired Navy SEAL Master Chief – plus Mental’s Chief Learning Officer and its Master Chief Cold Shower Officer.

The training program teaches mental tools in areas of tactical breathwork, body relaxation, self-talk and mental clarity, all under controlled stress, so that they kick in automatically under times of unwanted stress.

“The tools we train you with in this protocol enable you to dial it down on command – the same way we train in the SEAL teams,” says Drum.

If you’ve been interested in the physical and mental health benefits of cold showers, but want more direction and guidance on where and how to start, or just lack the motivation and discipline, Mental has you covered.  

“These small actions help form healthy daily habits and translate into discipline and a greater sense of purpose for men,” says Dr. Matt Englar-Carlson, Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and Mental’s resident expert in mental health.


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